Merging design, tech, and cognitive science

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Senior Ibuki Iwasaki seeks creative ways to design technology that considers the human user.

Ibuki Iwasaki came to MIT without a clear idea of what she wanted to major in, but that changed during the spring of her first year, when she left her comfort zone and enrolled in 4.02A (Introduction to Design). For the final project, her group had to make a modular structure out of foam blocks, producing a design with both two-dimensional and three-dimensional components.


The team ended up shaping 72 unique cubes, with each block’s pattern and placement carefully planned so that when assembled, they formed a structure with an unassuming facade but an intricate tunnel-like interior.

The experience taught Iwasaki she was more creative than she had realized, and that she loved the progression of the design process, from ideation to fabrication.