Varbase (Open-source)

 Administrator    01 Feb 2024 : 17:09


Advanced Content Management System

Varbase (Open-source) is an enhanced Drupal distribution packed with adaptive functionalities and essential modules, that speed up your development, and provides you with standardized configurations, making your life easier.


Varbase comes with more than 100 features and enhancements to Drupal core. So you don't end up spending countless (and meaningless) hours customizing a new site:

✔ Search Engine Optimization
✔ Responsive Previews & Mobile Ready
✔ Media Management Made Easy
✔ Landing Page Creator (Layout Builder)
✔ Flexible Administration Dashboard
✔ Truly “What You See Is What You Get” with Inline Editing
✔ View and Compare History of All Edits
✔ Multilingual-First (optional)
✔ Ready View Modes Packages (optional)
✔ Proper Site Search (optional)
✔ Editorial Tools That Everyone Needs
✔ Rich Text Editor


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