N vocabularies

By admin, 29 May, 2024

name service
The service provided to client processes for identifying peer processes for 
communications purposes. 
native software
Software that is written in a language that compiles either to assembly language 
or directly to the computer's standard machine representation (object files). 
Native software is more efficient and runs much faster than translated or 
interpreted software; in addition, it can be tailored to make the most effective use
of the machine's resources. 
The command for invoking the neqn program, which is used with the nroff
program to format mathematical expressions. 
See also nroff
Two or more computing systems that are linked for the purpose of exchanging 
information and sharing resources. 
Network File System
See NFS (Network File System)
NFS (Network File System)
A service that allows a system (the server) to make file systems available across a 
network for mounting on other systems (clients). When a client mounts an NFS 
file system, the client's users see the file system as if it were local to the client. 
Refers to a file system that is mounted over a network via NFS rather than being 
physically connected (local) to the system on which it is mounted. 
See also NFS (Network File System)
nonblocking mode
See asynchronous execution
The command that calls the nroff program, a member of the roff family of text 
formatters. The nroff program produces ASCII output suitable for display or 
printing on character-cell devices such as terminals and printers.