M vocabularies

By admin, 29 May, 2024

A shortened form of macro instruction. 
macro instruction
An instruction written as part of a source language, which when compiled into 
machine code will generate several machine code instructions. 
See also instruction
A system that allows the exchange of written messages with other users. Also 
known as E-mail (for electronic mail). 
A file that contains new and unread mail messages. The mailbox file is usually in 
the /usr/spool/mail directory. 
A tool that builds programs and applications by testing to see whether the source
files that produce a given application are newer than the target files produced 
from them. If any source or intermediate file is newer than its target, make
performs the actions necessary to rebuild the target file by following a set of 
rules. The rules can be standard (specified by default) or they can be explicit 
descriptions of the steps required. 
A script that creates device special files for the devices on a DIGITAL UNIX system.
This script resides in the /dev directory. 
The specification file used by the make tool. The makefile specifies the names of 
target programs and describes rules for their creation. 
See also make
The command that displays reference pages on line; the name is a short form of 
See also apropos, reference page
manpage, manual page
See reference page
An environment variable whose value provides the default directory search path 
use buy the man, catman, and xman commands. 
See also search path
An option for the roff family of text formatters. It specifies that the formatter is to
use the man formatting macro package. 
An option for the roff family of text formatters. It specifies that the formatter is to
use the me formatting macro package. 
A character that is interpreted by a computer system to mean something other 
than its obvious meaning. For example, the asterisk is often used to allow 
wildcard matching in file names. 
The set of permissions for a file. 
See OSF/Motif
A command used to make a file system available. 
See also unmount
mount point
A directory file that is the name of a mounted file system. 
A system with two or more processors sharing common physical memory.