G vocabularies

By admin, 29 May, 2024

The sizes (in bytes) of cylinders, tracks, and sectors for a particular disk device. 
See also disk label
gid, GID
See group ID
In programming languages, pertaining to information defined in one subdivision 
of a program and used in at least one other subdivision of the program; 
pertaining to information available to more than one program or subroutine. 
global character
See wildcard character
global search
In an editing environment, the process of having the system look through a 
document for specific characters, words, or groups of characters. 
A UNIX term for the shell's process of wildcard file name expansion to develop a 
list of literal file names that the shell then passes to a command. The C shell 
permits the user to disable globbing by default; the Bourne, Korn, and POSIX 
shells require the user to quote or escape metacharacters in file names if 
globbing is not desired. 
The command that invokes the grep program, which is used to search specified 
files for lines containing characters that match specified patterns, and then writes
those matching lines to standard output. The name means Global Regular 
Expression Printer. 
See also regular expression
1. A collection of users who can share access authorities for protected resources. 
2. A list of names that are known together by a single name. 
3. A set of related records that have the same value for a particular field in all 
4. A series of records logically joined together. 
See also login group
group ID
A unique number assigned to a group of related users. The group number can 
often be substituted in commands that take a group name as an argument.