F vocabularies

By admin, 29 May, 2024

1. The basic unit of information in a record. 
2. In awk, one element of an input record. 
See also record
field separator
One or more characters used to separate fields in a record. 
file descriptor
A small unsigned integer that a UNIX system uses to identify a file. A file 
descriptor is created by a process through issuing an open system call for the file 
name. A file descriptor ceases to exist when it is no longer held by any process. 
file mark
A sequence of characters written on a magnetic tape to signify the end of a data 
See also BOM, EOF (end of file)
file name expansion
See globbing
file pointer
An identifier that indicates a structure containing the file name. 
file system
The collection of files and file management structures on a physical or logical 
mass storage device. 
1. A command that reads standard input data, modifies the data, and sends it to 
standard output. 
2. A device or program that separates data, signals, or materials in accordance 
with specific criteria. 
See option
foreground job
See foreground process
foreground process
A job that must be completed or interrupted before the shell will accept more 
commands; a job receiving input from a workstation or terminal. 
See also background process
1. The command used to create and start a child process. 
2. The result of using the fork command. 
See also parent process
full pathname
See absolute pathname
full-screen editor
An editor that displays an entire screen at a time. Also called a visual editor. 
See also line editor