Generic Elements

Pars Enterprise Platforms are included of three main parts:

  • Full protection: securing entire platform via an strong data encryption method including system Boot volume with smart recovery and emergencies options:
    • Platform Full Encryption: Cryptsetup [Linux Kernel] - Geli [FreeBSD Kernel] with physical token
    • In this scenario system Boot will be encrypted too and asking password will be on top of the platform before operating system starts then token authentication happens after that
    • Grsecurity Kernel Patching: kernel compilation with PaX configuration
    • Hardening Kernel Parameters: Sysctl, SSH Configs and operating system services
    • Security Scanner modules: port, packet and rootkit scanner scripts to check for the possible threats such as Nmap and Chkrootkit
    • Network Privacy Configuration: Tor Project, Privoxy, I2P technologies and other tools such as OpenNTPD, OpenSSH, OpenSMTPD, OpenDNSSEC, OpenSSL, OpenVPN, OpenConnect
    • Web Browser Hardening Addons: Firefox anti tracker, https enforcer, ad blocker and script stopper
    • Smart Recovery System: journaling file system with default factory restoration and recovery – emergencies options


  • Updates mechanism: receiving the latest generation of open-source kernels and cutting edge applications with the most recent updated manuals:
    • Cutting Edge Software: latest bugs fixed version of kernels and applications


  • Graphical environment: a modern and user friendly desktop with combination of the most popular native Qt engine applications and useful embedded shortcuts:
    • Using customized KDE Plasma Desktop as the main desktop environment combined with secure and lightweight Openbox window manager and qtCurve.
    • Creating an special menu with several entries and shortcuts to bring extra features for the users such as product certificate and signature.
    • Good Language Localization: supporting all available layouts & fonts


  • Applications user-land: installing and configuring collection of the most free and open source applications or programs in all categories via package managements:
    • Categorized Opensource Applications: development, education, games, graphics, internet, multimedia, office, science & math, system, utilities
    • Hardware Compatibility Drivers: sound, graphics, bluetooth, and many other pre-installed hardware firmwares
    • Open Multimedia Codecs: supporting all available formats such as Ogg and MKV via GStreamer




List of KDE plasma desktop applications available in Pars Enterprise Platforms

KDE is the powerful, integrated, and easy-to-use Free Software desktop platform and suite of applications.


Plasma is a Desktop Environment

Use Plasma to surf the web; keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family; manage your files, enjoy music and videos; and get creative and productive at work. Do it all in a beautiful environment that adapts to your needs, and with the safety, privacy-protection and peace of mind that the best Free Open Source Software has to offer.




KDE mascot Konqi and KDE software development applications


Software development

  • Cervisia: CVS frontend
  • KAppTemplate: Template-based code project generator
  • Kate: a text editor for programmers. As of KDE 4, KEdit has been replaced by Kate &/or Kwrite.
  • KBugBuster: KDE-centric bug manager
  • KCachegrind: a frontend for Valgrind
  • KDESvn: graphical Subversion client
  • KDevelop: an integrated development environment for multiple languages
  • KDiff3: Diff/Patch frontend
  • Kommander: Dynamic dialog editor
  • Kompare: Diff/Patch frontend
  • Lokalize: a computer–aided translation system
  • Okteta: a hex editor
  • Poxml: Translates DocBook XML files using gettext po files
  • Massif Visualizer: Visualizer for Valgrind Massif data files
  • Umbrello: UML diagram application


Web development

  • KImageMapEditor: an HTML image map editor
  • KXSLDbg: an XSLT debugger




KDE mascot Konqi and KDE education applications


  • blinKen: computerised version of the game Simon Says
  • Cantor: worksheet view to other Free Software Math packages. GUI frontend to SageMath, Maxima, R and KAlgebra
  • KAlgebra: a mathematical calculator based content markup MathML language
  • Kalzium: Displays information about the periodic table of elements
  • Kanagram: customizable anagram game
  • KBruch: a program for generating tasks with vulgar fractions
  • KGeography: a geography learning program
  • KHangMan: classic hangman game
  • Kig: Program for exploring geometric constructions
  • Kiten: Japanese reference/learning tool
  • KLettres: Helps to learn the alphabet and then to read some syllables in different languages
  • KmPlot: mathematical function plotter
  • KTouch: program for learning touch typing
  • KTurtle: educational programming environment using turtle graphics
  • KStars: a planetarium program
  • KwordQuiz: Flash Card Trainer
  • Marble: geographical map program
  • Parley: a vocabulary trainer based on the Leitner system
  • Step: an interactive physics simulator



KDE mascot Konqi and KDE science applications



  • Cirkuit: An application to generate publication-ready figures
  • KBibTeX: an application to manage bibliography databases in the BibTeX format
  • Semantik: a mindmapping-like tool for document generation
  • RKWard: an easy to use, transparent frontend to R
  • KTechLab: an IDE for electronic and PIC microcontroller circuit design and simulation



KDE mascot Konqi and KDE game applications



  • Bomber: arcade Bombing Game
  • Bovo: Five–in–a–row Board Game
  • Granatier: a Bomberman clone
  • Kajongg: a Mahjong Board Game. Can play against robots or in multiplayer over network
  • Kapman: Pac-Man Clone
  • KAtomic: a clone of the early 1990s commercial game Atomix
  • KBattleship: Battleship-style game
  • KBlackbox: Black–box logic game. Shoot rays into a black box to find some balls
  • KBlocks: a Tetris clone
  • KBounce: a JezzBall clone
  • KBreakout: a Breakout type game
  • Kdiamond: a Bejeweled type game
  • KFourInLine: Four–in–a–row Board Game
  • KGoldrunner: Hunt Gold, Dodge Enemies and Solve Puzzles
  • Kigo: a Go Board Game
  • Kiriki: a Yahtzee game
  • KJumpingCube: a board game where players make boxes change color and try to succeed in taking over the board
  • KMahjongg: Mahjong solitaire
  • KMines: Minesweeper game
  • KNetWalk: a puzzle game. The player must arrange sections of wire to connect the computers
  • Knights: Chess board program
  • Kolf: a Golf game
  • Kollision: a game of dexterity
  • GNUlactic Konquest: Galactic Strategy Game
  • KPatience: Patience Card Game
  • KReversi: Othello/Reversi game
  • KShisen: a solitaire-like game played using the standard set of Mahjong tiles
  • KsirK: a computerized version of a well known strategy game
  • KSpaceDuel: Each of two possible players controls a satellite spaceship orbiting the sun
  • KSquares: a game modeled after the well known pen and paper based game of Dots and Boxes
  • KSudoku: a logic-based symbol placement puzzle
  • KTron: Tron-like snakerace game
  • KTuberling: a simple constructor game suitable for children and adults alike
  • Kubrick: Based on the famous Rubik's Cube
  • LsKat: Lieutenant Skat is a fun and engaging card game for two players
  • Palapeli: a single-player jigsaw puzzle game



  • AMOR: Amusing Misuse Of Resources. Desktop creature
  • KTeaTime: Tea cooking timer
  • KTux: a screensaver of outer space, with Tux in a spaceship flying by
  • Kweather: Kweather-karamba Theme



KDE mascot Konqi and KDE graphics applications



  • DigiKam: a digital photo editor
  • Gwenview: Image viewer
  • KColorChooser: a color chooser
  • KColorEdit: a color palette editor
  • Kfax: a faxing application
  • KGrab: a screen grabbing program
  • KGraphViewer: a Graphviz dot graph viewer
  • KIconEdit: an icon editor
  • KolourPaint: Small bitmap graphics editor (similar to Microsoft Paint)
  • Konstruktor: LEGO CAD
  • KPhotoAlbum: a digital photo and image manager
  • KPovModeler: Modeling and composition program for creating POV-Ray scenes
  • Krita: Digital painting and illustration suite
  • KRuler: a screen ruler
  • Spectacle: a screenshot tool
  • Kuickshow: an image viewer
  • Okular: a universal document viewer
  • Skanlite: an image scanning application



KDE mascot Konqi and KDE internet applications



  • Kontact: provides personal information management, backed by the Akonadi framework (including Akregator, KNode, KMail, etc.)
  • Aki: an IRC client
  • ChoqoK: a microblogging application
  • KGet: a download manager
  • KNetworkManager: a GUI for NetworkManager and supports both wired and wireless devices
  • Konqueror: a File manager and web browser
  • Konversation: a dedicated IRC client
  • Kopete: Instant messaging
  • KRDC: a remote desktop client
  • KTorrent: a BitTorrent client
  • KVIrc: a graphical IRC client
  • KVpnc: a GUI for various virtual private network (VPN) clients
  • Quassel IRC: a program to connect to an IRC network
  • Rekonq: a lean web browser based on Webkit
  • Smb4k: an SMB/CIFS share browser
  • Falkon: a web browser using QtWebEngine, previously known as QupZilla




KDE mascot Konqi and KDE multimedia applications



  • Amarok: Audio player and music manager with numerous integrated features
  • Audex: an easy to use audio CD ripping application
  • Bangarang: a media player
  • Dragon Player: a simple and usability–focused multimedia player (formerly known as Codeine)
  • JuK: Jukebox and music manager
  • Kaffeine: Multimedia player
  • KMPlayer: Video player plugin for Konqueror
  • KPlayer: Multimedia player and library
  • KRadio: an internet and AM/FM radio application



  • K3b: CD and DVD burning application
  • k3bISO: ISO manager
  • K9Copy: a DVD authoring program, similar to DVD Shrink
  • Kamoso: an application to take pictures and videos from webcam
  • Kdenlive: Video editor
  • Kid3: an MP3, Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC tag editor
  • KMediaFactory: a template based DVD authoring tool
  • KMix: Sound Mixer
  • KoverArtist: a program for the fast creation of covers for CD/DVD cases and boxes
  • Kubeplayer: a video player dedicated to play online videos
  • soundKonverter: a frontend to various audio converters



KDE mascot Konqi and KDE office applications



  • Kontact: provides personal information management, backed by the Akonadi framework (including Akregator, KNode, KMail, etc.)
  • The Calligra Suite: provides an office suite, including
    • Calligra Flow: a flowchart and diagram editor
    • Calligra Plan: a project management tool
    • Calligra Sheets: Spreadsheet
    • Calligra Stage: Presentation application
    • Calligra Words: Word processor
    • Kexi: a visual database creator
  • KEuroCalc: a currency converter and calculator
  • Kile: integrated LaTeX environment
  • KMyMoney: a personal finance manager
  • TaskJuggler: a project management tool
  • Skrooge: Personal finances manager
  • LabPlot: a data plotting and analysis tool
  • LemonPOS: a point of sales application for small and mid–size business
  • Tellico: a collection organizer



  • Apper: formerly called KPackageKit, Package Manager with support for several formats (e.g. .deb, rpm)
  • Dolphin: a navigational file manager
  • Filelight: a disk space viewer
  • katimon: an unofficial ATI graphics card temperature monitor
  • KBluetooth: Bluetooth connections
  • KCron: an application for scheduling programs to run in the background using cron
  • KDE Connect: a background application that allows Android devices to be accessed over the network through the Plasma desktop
  • KDE Partition Manager: a partition editor
  • KDE System Guard: an enhanced task manager and system monitor
  • KDiskFree: a disk space information utility
  • KDirStat: a graphical disk usage utility
  • Kinfocenter: a system and computer information utility
  • Konsole: a terminal emulator
  • Krfb: a desktop sharing program
  • Krusader: an orthodox file manager
  • KSystemLog: a system log viewer
  • KWallet: a secure password manager
  • Printer Applet: system tray icon for managing print jobs
  • System Settings
  • Yakuake: drop-down terminal emulator (modeled after Quake's)



KDE mascot Konqi and KDE utility applications



  • Ark: a file archiver
  • BasKet Note Pads: a multi–purpose note–taking application
  • KAlarm: a personal alarm scheduler
  • Kate: a Text editor for programmers
  • KBarcode4–light: a simple barcode generator
  • KCalc: a calculation application
  • KCharSelect: a character mapping tool
  • KFind: a file and folder finder
  • KFloppy: a floppy disk formatting tool
  • KGPG: a graphical frontend for GnuPG
  • Kleopatra: Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI
  • KRename: Batch renaming of files
  • Krusader: a twin panel file manager
  • KTimer: a countdown launcher
  • KTimeTracker: a personal time tracker
  • KWrite: a text editor
  • Okteta: a hex editor
  • RSIBreak: Makes sure you rest now and then
  • Sweeper: a system cleaner



  • KMag: a screen magnifying tool
  • KMouseTool: Automatic Mouse Click
  • KMouth: a speech synthesizer frontend


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