U vocabularies

By admin, 29 May, 2024

UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
The Internet Protocol that allows application programs on remote machines to 
send datagrams to one another. UDP uses IP to deliver the datagrams. 
UFS (UNIX File System)
uid, UID
See user ID
One of two UNIX operating system products available from DIGITAL Equipment 
Corporation. The ULTRIX operating system runs on VAX and RISC computers, 
whereas DIGITAL UNIX runs on Alpha systems. 
A three-digit octal number that specifies the default permissions given to a file 
when it is created. The umask command sets or changes this number. 
A trademark of X-Open Company, Ltd., that can be used in names of operating 
systems that conform to X/Open UNIX CAE specifications and meet other X/Open 
UNIX branding requirements. The UNIX operating system was originally 
developed at the Bell Laboratories of AT&T in the late 1960s and early 1970s and 
subsequently enhanced by the University of California at Berkeley, AT&T, the 
Open Software Foundation (OSF), and others. 
UNIX-to-UNIX Copy Program
See UUCP (UNIX-to-UNIX Copy Program)
The system call used to sever the connection between files that had been created 
with the link system call. 
To announce to the system that a file system previously mounted on a specified 
directory is to be removed. Only the person who mounted the particular file 
system or a superuser can unmount it. A file system is unmounted with the 
umount command. 
up time
The period during which a machine is available for use. 
See also down time
upward compatible
Pertaining to that which is designed for use on small machines, but capable of 
running without change on larger machines. 
URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
The address of a file or other resource accessible on the Internet. The type of file 
or resource depends on the Internet application protocol. For example, using the 
HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) , the file can be an HTML page, an image file, 
or a program such as a CGI application or Java applet. Such an address would 
look like this: 
http://www.unix.digital.com/faqs/publications/pub_page/pubs_page.html, which 
is the URL for the DIGITAL UNIX documentation Web site. 
User Datagram Protocol
See UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
user ID
The number associated with each login name. This number is stored in the 
/etc/passwd file. 
user name
See login name
A read-only file system in which some components of the operating system and 
of applications are stored. Users' home directories are sometimes also located in 
a subdirectory of /usr.
UUCP (UNIX-to-UNIX Copy Program)
A set of programs and protocols developed at the Bell Laboratories of AT&T for 
the purpose of connecting computers by means of dial-up lines. The programs 
include facilities for copying files, logging in to remote computers, and encoding 
binary files for transmission of 7-bit ASCII data lines. The ease of connection and 
low cost have made UUCP one of the most popular information networks in the 
UUCP network
A term applied to any grouping of computers connected by means of the UUCP