Q vocabularies

By admin, 29 May, 2024

1. The action of searching data for desired information. 
2. In data communications, the process by which a master station asks a slave 
station to identify itself and to give its status. 
3. In interactive systems, an operation at a terminal or workstation that elicits a 
response from the system. 
4. A request for information from a file based on specific conditions. 
A line of items waiting to be processed. For example, a print queue consists of 
jobs waiting to be printed. 
queue daemon
The process that maintains a list of outstanding jobs and sends them to the 
specified device at the appropriate time. 
See also daemon, job
queued message
A system message that is added to a list of messages stored in a file for user 
viewing at a later time. Background processes usually produce queued messages.
Programs interacting directly with users typically send messages to the screen for
immediate user viewing. 
queue element
An item in a queue. 
To protect a character from interpretation by a program by enclosing it in 
quotation marks or by preceding it with a backslash character; to mask the 
special meaning of certain characters, causing them to be taken literally. 
See also escape.