K vocabularies

By admin, 29 May, 2024

The command that invokes the kdbx program, an interactive crash analysis and 
kernel debugging tool. The kdbx program serves as a front end to the dbx
kdebug program
A program that lets programmers control the execution of a running kernel. 
The integral part of the operating system that controls processes, system 
scheduling, memory management, input and output services, device 
management, network communications, and the organization of the file systems.
See also shell
1. A word that must be matched when retrieving information. 
2. A reserved word whose presence is required in a file. 
1. To stop the operation of a process. In most cases, a user can kill a foreground 
process by pressing Ctrl/c. 
2. The DIGITAL UNIX command that a user can issue to stop a background or 
suspended process. A superuser can use this command to stop any process on 
the system. 
Korn shell
A command interpreter and interpreted programming language developed by 
David Korn. The Korn shell (ksh) is semantically an extended version of the 
Bourne shell, with constructs and commands to implement enhanced features, 
including job control and command history recall. The POSIX shell is a superset of
the Korn shell. 
See also shell
The command that invokes the Korn shell; the name of the executable file that is 
the shell. 
See also Korn shell, shell