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  • net-p2p/xmrig - 6.16.2

    net-p2p/xmrig: Update to 6.16.2
  • www/py-aiohttp - 3.7.4.p0

    www/py-aiohttp: fix build with python 3.11

    Forcibly run cython on all *.pyx files, as just touching them is
    not enough, and the package lacks facilities to cythonize automatically.

    Approved by: koobs (maintainer)
  • textproc/py-parso - 0.8.3

    textproc/py-parso: Updated to 0.8.3

  • lang/gcc12-devel - 12.0.0.s20211128

    lang/gcc12-devel: Update to the 20211128 snapshot of GCC 12.0.0

    This should address build issues on 32-bit targets some may have
    experienced (though probably only in between snapshots).
  • www/unit - 1.26.1

    www/unit*: update to the recent bugfix release 1.26.1


    *) Bugfix: occasionally, the Unit daemon was unable to fully terminate;
    the bug had appeared in 1.26.0.

    *) Bugfix: a prototype process could crash on an application process
    exit; the bug had appeared in 1.26.0.

    *) Bugfix: the router process crashed on reconfiguration if "access_log"
    was configured without listeners.

    *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in the PHP module if chdir() or
    fastcgi_finish_request() was called in the OPcache preloading script.

    *) Bugfix: fatal errors on DragonFly BSD; the bug had appeared in

  • astro/mkgmap - r4825

    astro/mkgmap: update to r4825
  • devel/py-types-protobuf - 3.18.2

    devel/py-types-protobuf: update to 3.18.2
  • devel/py-types-MarkupSafe - 1.1.10

    devel/py-types-MarkupSafe: update to 1.1.10
  • devel/py-hypothesmith - 0.2.0

    devel/py-hypothesmith: update to 0.2.0
  • editors/neovim - 0.6.0_1

    editors/neovim: Partially revert 9b869a4c17db42729cdfaca02c5c9c5ab2d22976

    luajit-openresty causes lua errors with many nvim plugins. I don't know
    why, and until I have time to diagnose it, revert the switch to
    hardcoded luajit-openresty. In the short term I'll likely switch to
    hardcoding luajit and removing the PUC Lua option.
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