مفتخریم که کاربران خود را در مورد یک محصول جدید مطلع می کنیم

وبگاه رسمی محصول




تغییرات انتشار هر دو نسخه پارس اینترپرایز ۰۱-۲۰۲۰

  • Upgraded to rolling release version
  • Configured to install latest kernel stable version
  • Added new kernel security parameters
  • Added new security menu to change passwords
  • Designed new smart rescue and recovery system
  • Added new preinstalled hardware drivers
  • Upgraded to use latest kde plasma
  • Added new browser security addons
  • Installed new cutting edge office suite
  • Added new preinstalled desktop applications
  • Configured with new settings and preferences
  • Designed new desktop environment alignments
  • Setup attractive transparent interfaces
  • Added new look application and widget dock
  • Added New fonts, icons, themes and codecs