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Managed Hosting

Experience the performance and reliability of cloud-based shared hosting with the power and ease of a DirectAdmin dashboard.

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Virtual Private Server

Choose a managed VPS that gives you professional, OnTime support, superior performance and reliability with the power and ease of a DirectAdmin dashboard.

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Dedicated Server

When you need class-leading performance, security and availability, our managed dedicated servers give you everything you need to power your business to success.

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Essential Certificate

SSL certificates provide essential security. Without one, your site will be marked as insecure by the major browsers and penalised by search engines.

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Secure Backup Space

The ultimate disaster recovery insurance, With automated scheduling and impenetrable encryption.

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Reseller Hosting

Enjoy white label reseller hosting powered by DirectAdmin, Our reseller plans provide everything you need to host fully-featured websites for your clients.

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Personal Computers

Pars Enterprise is always considering on saving planet earth ecosystem with certified energy saving products.

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